Dear Friends of St. Gabriel

Welcome to our website.

I hope and trust that you will enjoy wonderful moments with us. Our aim is to inspire you, inform you and invite you to be part of our history, our story, our journey.

One of my favourite texts in Scripture is from the letter of Timothy that reminds us that we are to “fan into a flame the gift that God has given us” My prayer is that each of us would be able to capture this essence of fanning into the flame that God has given us.

Church Pillars

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Encouraging youth in the ministry of leadership within the church so as to minister to other young people and grow in their faith and love Jesus Christ.


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True Christian Community family which shows genuine love and cares for those in need by prayer and home visits.


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Acknowledgement of the Holy Spirit being alive in each person and in the community, which leads to full participation of everyone in the Liturgy of the Holy Mass( Word and Eucharist)

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Open to the action of the Spirit of God without fear of what He asks us or where He leads us.

Trusting in Him

Proclaiming the Gospel because you can’t hide the joy of knowing Christ


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The Church sees marriage as a vocation where God is calling two people to give themselves to each other totally, with Christ in the centre of their lives and their anchor.


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A group where reflection: personal & private time with God and one’s innermost self is observed.  

Sharing: voicing of personal thoughts and feelings is heard and listened to.

Discussion: debating/deliberating of issues related to Scripture or agreed topic with fellow group/ members are allowed.

Or Space created for reflection, sharing and discussions



How do I join your church?

You are free to come and be part of our Eucharistic celebration anytime. Our Sunday Mass is at 09h30. If you would like to become a full member of the Church, then it would be important for you to make contact with the Parish Priest and talk to him about your desires. He will guide through the initial process. You will then participate in what is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults(RCIA) process.

What is the process to get married?

It is 6 months preparation and not 6 weeks. Also the first sentence would be better if we said: You and your fiance'/fiancee

How do I arrange a funeral?

The custom in the parish is that a letter will be sent by the family to the Church informing the congregation that they have lost their loved one. The letter will be read at the notices during Holy Mass on a Sunday. . The community will go to the deceased's home after Mass which is called Umpanga to share with the family that as a faith family, we have received the sad news. The funeral Ministers will speak to the family members after the prayer service regarding their intentions for the funeral.

What do I do for baptism?

Infant baptisms take place on a regular basis. The parents or guardians of the child meet with the Parish Priest. Once the parents/guardians has met with the Parish Priest,  a date for the Baptism Instructions would be set as well as the date for the Sacrament of Baptism.


Hymn Book

Faithful in worship

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